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OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE, AN (Black & White, 1 hr, SH A) GA-86-2006  A young man facing the gallows experience flashbacks of life, relationships, and simple pleasures.  Use this film to lead a group in discussing death, afterlife, or the meaning of life.



Video provides gripping images of lives changed forever by the September 11 tragedy.






ONE, TWO, THREE MAGIC (A PAR 120 mins) ALFM-93-106

Dr. Thomas Phelan, clinical psychologist, helps to ease parents’ frustrations about discipline with a practical, easy-to-follow program. It teaches them insights and methods to effectively discipline children ages 2-12 without arguing, yelling or spanking.


ONE WHO WAS THERE (37 mins) GA-91-2030

As Mary Magdalene begins the journey home to Galilee she discovers that the strong faith of the disciples has been passed to a new generation of believers.  As she recalls the experiences of her life, the Passion, the Passover and her own healing, this film dramatizes the effect of those events on her life and as well as those who believe.


ONLY FOR CHILDREN (3 tapes 10 mins ea story YC EC) CR-88-2130-32

These delightful cartoons capture young imaginations while teaching children moral integrity in solving problems and confronting life situations.

Tape 1:        The Lost Bunny - Friendship                    Tape2:  The Difficult Donkey- Be yourself

Ilya The Great - Friendship           The Rainbow - Sharing

Marsha's Magic Shoes - Responsibility              The Little Ballerina - Caring and                                                                                                                         friendship

Tape 3 Snout Nose - Honesty

The Little Mouse - Be yourself

The Brave Little Bird - Be a good example


ON THE AIR (approx 24 mins) YM-97-1205-1209 1217-1231

Experience the real-life stories, the humor, and the dynamic Neil McClendon as he addresses critical issues teenagers face every day.  The 5 tape series is as follows:

Passport to the World: Nicaragua Extreme Faith      The Gospel of Sex

 Can I be a Christian Without Being Weird?    When in Doubt The Blame Game

 Racism: Going Color Blind          Extreme Faith Life Isn’t Fair 

 I am Not Angry #!&*          Stupid Parent Tricks Messy Morality

Where Do I Fit In?          If Everyone’s Right, Then Who’s Left


OPENING DOOR, THE (20 mins A) SRW-87-1402

A revealing dramatization of a real-life church's search for a new pastor, highlighting their concerns about "calling" a woman.  The whole range of issues that surfaced during the committee's search are explored, including many of the private concerns persons had about calling a woman, issues not usually discussed openly.



Whether  it’s athletics, taking a new class, meeting people, or being all you can be for Christ, Orel Hershiser wants youth to give it their all.


OTHERS (30 mins G JH SH A) GA-87-2015

In difficult times even Christians sometimes get caught up in the struggles of daily life and lose sight of what Christianity really means.  But even in troubled times, Christ can help us put the needs of others before our own needs.  That simple lesson is beautifully illustrated in this timely program designed for adults and older youth.


OUT OF THE SALTSHAKER & INTO THE WORLD (4 40-min sessions) EV-92-461-462

In this series Becky Pippert encourages Christians to discover styles of personal evangelism suited to their own personalities and gifts, underscoring her messages with illustrations from her own experiences. Leader's guide.

Tape 1:        Evangelism As A Way of Life/Getting the Story Straight

Tape 2:        Learning to Love/Sharing the Message


OUT OF THE TOMBS (9 minutes) GA-98-2053

This video tells the story of the Gerasene Demoniac, from Mark 5:1-20.  A demon possessed man experiences frenzied pain, a direct confrontation with evil, a more powerful embrace by the powers of good, and liberation from his dementia by God.



Evangelistic Bible studies are on of the most effective and proven ways to help non-Christians consider the claims of Jesus Christ and their implications for their own life.  Outreach Bible Studies will help you do just that.  The emphasis is on love and genuine acceptance of guests in an atmosphere where relationships are built and the Gospel is presented.